Meet Our Directors

Andy Eick
Executive Director

Betsy Connolly
Deputy Executive Director

2017 Mass-ALA
Executive Director of the Year

Cheryl Rank, R.N.
Associate Director

2018 Mass-ALA
Care & Wellness Services Award Winner

Kris Coppola
Associate Director


"A nurse, a chef, a financial services professional, and a former seminarian walk into a community."

No, there is no punch line — like our residents, our director team has a rich, diverse life history that led each of us here to New Horizons at Marlborough. However, we come together with a common purpose - to insure all aspects of community life are the best they can be for our residents, their families, and our fellow employees. If you would like to connect with Andy, Betsy, Cheryl, and Kris, please feel free to email us at