Assisted Living

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This expanded assisted living option includes all of the independent amenities plus a full hour of daily personal-care services. These services are typically provided by certified home health aides under the direct supervision of licensed nurses, who are scheduled on-site 24 hours a day.

A personalized service plan is designated for each Assisted Living resident, and may include self-administered medication management, meal and activity escorts, evening preparation for bed, hourly night-checks, clothing rotation, additional daily housekeeping services, transfers, and personal laundry. Additional personal care assistance is readily available, including convenient on-site dialysis care at New Horizons in Woburn.





IMPORTANT DISCLOSURE: Although most seniors would prefer assisted living over nursing home residence, assisted living facilities in Massachusetts may not provide 24-hour skilled nursing care, and they are not appropriate for everyone. Residents come and go as they wish. They are not under constant oversight, and sometimes they make choices that may not appear
to be in their own best interests. New Horizons is a not-for-profit community which provides personalized supportive services with the activies of daily living, but does not, and can not, monitor its residents.

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